Free Assessment Interviews

We offer a first 30 minutes Free Assessment Interview for most contentious matters.   This interview is designed primarily to assess if we can be of assistance and to give some indication of the cost of any agreed procedure thereafter.    You will appreciate that in the time available we cannot give an in-depth analysis or detailed legal advice other than in the most straight-forward cases.

The free assessment part of the interview will last up to a maximum 30 minutes after which if you wish to continue you will appreciate that we will charge for any additional time spent at our current charging rates (full details available  upon request). Subsequent correspondence or further attendances are not included in the free interview and will be chargeable.

Many people now have some legal expenses insurance although it is always necessary to secure approval of the insurers before proceeding.  We can assist by arranging funding on a monthly basis by standing order.  Main credit cards are also accepted

The FAI is not intended to provide a second opinion on the advice given by other solicitors.

If you are attending a Free Assessment Interview, please  bring with you :

  1. Proof of ID eg passport or photo driving license, bus pass.
  2. Proof of address: Utility bill which can be printed if paperless or bank statement. These have to be no more than three months old.  Photographic Driving license (if not used as a photographic ID as above)
  3. All relevant papers

Ground-floor appointments on request


We offer First Free Assessment Interviews at our discretion.

PLEASE NOTE  we reserve the right to charge a fee of £30 plus VAT if you do not keep the appointment set without telephoning to cancel.