About us

The Mitchell Plampin Partnership saw its establishment from the merger of Mitchell, Caulkett & Coiley and Plampin & Co and has gained the trust of our clients in the local area.

We are always available to offer sound legal advice and legal guidance.

Over the years, the legal professionals of The Mitchell Plampin Partnership have been giving valuable advice and guidance in all areas of law. We are recognised in the local area for the commitment and professionalism we give to every individual client.

We aim to focus on your legal needs and those of your businesses so that we may assist with dealing with your legal challenges, no matter how complex.  We aim to take the time to truly understand your circumstances, both from personal and business perspectives and to explain points of Law and practice clearly and simply without unnecessary jargon.

We aim to provide the following approach:

  • The scope of the work that you wish us to do will be clearly identified and defined
  • You will understand our charges and we will provide you with an estimate of total charges which we will revise and update if need be
  • You will know who will be responsible for carrying out your work and the Partner that will be responsible for overseeing this
  • Your feedback is always appreciated