Allan Hunt

Allan Hunt
Senior Partner

“I am passionate about the survival of the High Street Legal Practice with our local knowledge and approachability which I think is very important when dealing with any form of legal dispute.”

Allan Hunt is the Senior Partner in MPP Solicitors, overseeing most areas and specialising in Employment and all areas of Litigation.

“I offer 30 minutes initial Free Interview on any contentious subject and if you do have a problem therefore, why not contact me on 01621 852566 or drop me a line at and I would be delighted to assist.”  (Terms & conditions)

After graduating with a Law Degree from Queen Mary University, I did my initial training in a well regarded London firm and having qualified as a Solicitor spent several years with one of the leading firms in Colchester specialising in Litigation

I was then employed by Mitchell Caulkett & Coiley in Maldon becoming a Partner towards the end of 1983 where I have continued primarily engaged in all types of Civil Litigation and also specialising in Employment Law.

I have handled most typed of Civil Litigation including Money Disputes, Boundary Disputes, Building Disputes, Inheritance Claims as well as contested Employment Claims.  I have also had extensive experience of Landlord & Tenant Disputes as well as Contractual Claims including some high value Commercial Claims.

I was a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers for over 10 years and oversaw the merger of Mitchell Caulkett & Coiley and Plampin & Co., to form The Mitchell Plampin Partnership in 2001, now known as MPP Solicitors.