How is Covid-19 affecting you as a Commercial Landlord or Tenant??

With the current uncertainty that the lockdown brings you may need advice on the impact Coronavirus has on your lease obligations?

If you are a tenant:

  • Do you need advice on your obligations regarding payment of rent and service charges?
  • Are you aware of any obligations to notify your Landlord if you are no longer occupying the property having been forced to close your business?
  • You may wish to re-negotiate, terminate or suspend existing leases/agreements?

If you are a commercial landlord and need help:

  • To document any temporary rental holidays or concessions to ensure these do not affect the rest of the lease terms.
  • On how to impose regulations on the management of the building and common parts.
  • Determining your obligations, in particular which Services you are obliged to provide in the lease?
  • As to whether the Tenant has validly served a break notice.

We can HELP!

If you have a copy of your lease and you can email it to us we can offer an assessment and advise you over the telephone or by email, please do get in touch with Hayley Goldstone, Solicitor